Friday, April 28, 2017

Columbia Law Revue Posts Hilarious Video Parody Critique of Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law Wars

The members of the Columbia Law Revue -   these law students are not only smart, but they are also clever  and some of them sing like Broadway headliners. Maybe we should invite them to perform at the American Association of Law Libraries Conference this summer.   This is the best legal research video since Craig Runde and Bill Lindberg produced the dancing Westlaw Reporters video back in the 1980's. The  Westlaw Story video parodies music and scenes from the  Leonard Bernstein hit play Westside Story... it is  loaded with barbs about vendor booty to incentivize product adoption by law students but  also offers some honest critiques on the stengths and shortcomings of Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law. (All I can say is that it is a good thing that Mike Bloomberg is no longer mayor of NYC where Columbia is located -- on the upper West Side.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Columbia Law Revue!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bloomberg Law Releases Data Compliance Risk Benchmark Tool and Report Identifying High Risk Countries

Yesterday Bloomberg Law released an important new feature in the Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Security product called the  Complaince Risk Benchmarks tool. The tool ranks the “burden” and compliance risks in 47 countries.  South Korea  tops the list of data breach notification compliance risk earning a score of 87 out of 100.

 Bloomberg Law also released  a related report, “Anticipating the Burden ofRisk,” which provides an overview of the international regulatory environment and the risk landscape surrounding breach notification compliance.  The report features an analysis of the countries with the highest compliance risk for breach notification, with write-ups on the top five countries, which include South Korea, Colombia, Mexico, France, and Japan.  

 What is the Compliance Risk Benchmark?

The tool is designed to assist outside and inside counsel , and compliance professionals in assessing data compliance risk around the world.  To accomplish this they have created a risk score based on 8 risk factors analyzed using a proprietary algorithm. Compliance Risk Benchmarks  compares the  burdens and risks related to ten topics impacting global businesses including data security, data transfer, online privacy, and employee monitoring and surveillance.
Bloomberg Law's Risk Benchmark

 The new tool and data provide a relative risk score for each country based on measures including
  •          enforcement level
  •         potential monetary penalties
  •           imprisonment
  •          litigation exposure.    

The Compliance Risk
Compliance Risk Benchmarks incorporates expert analysis from data protection professionals in each country as well as news and relevant laws and regulations from 55 countries with its robust data visualization feature Users can also go from viewing multiple countries to a snapshot of each country’s risk factors.  Comparative charts can be generated to show legal requirements for key issues such as: employee health information, online privacy, personnel records, electronic marketing, data transfer, employee background checks, employee monitoring and surveillance, data security, data collection and processing.
Algorirthms and Visualization
The score is generated by a proprietary BloombergBNA algorithm and offers subscibers a wide range of interactive comparative charts. Upcoming legislation charts displays the status of proposed legislation and regulation across jurisdictions.

EU Compliance
Additional features in the platform include the EU GDPR development Timeline which provides access to legislative history, analysis and guidance on the complex EU data privacy laws and regulations.


All Bloomberg Law subscribers now have full access to the benchmarking tool. Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data  Security us also available as a stand alone product. Additional information regarding the product and contact information is available in the press release.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Join Me at Upcoming Presentations: Los Angeles (SCALL) , New York (ARK) and London (Janders Dean)

I am looking forward to speaking at  3 upcoming events during April and May. These programs are  sponsored by The Southern California Law Library Association (SCALL),  The ARK Group  and Janders Dean. It is always great to meet new colleagues and learn from professionals rising to challenges across the legal  profession.

It Takes More Than A Dumpster to Build a Digital Law Library, Southern California Law Library Association, Los Angeles., April 13, 2107

Driving Analytics into Practice: A high speed tour of the world of commercial analytics and predictive tools. Ark  Conference Business Intelligence & Analytics in the legal Profession, New York, April 27, 2017  

Does Your Firm Have an Insights Engine? It Used to Be Called the Law Library! Janders Dean  2017 Legal Horizons Conference, London UK, May 10, 2017.


Monday, April 3, 2017

The Wisdom of Colleagues: A Plea for Print-- KM, Curation, Outreach and ROI Top Process Initiatives in Start Stop Process Survey

Today I am summarizing  the process initiatives submitted by readers responding to the Start Stop Poll.

The 2016-17 initiatives focus on: visibility outreach, targeted marketing, lawyer training and collecting attorney feedback and measuring value and satisfaction with resources and services. The more surprising response was a plea for the retention of print resources.

 Could we have reached the end of “the end of print?”
I have been reading a book called “The Revenge of Analog” which offers a fascinating catalog of “dead” analog formats which are being revived and re-positioned in new higher end niche markets: phonographic records, 35 millimeter film and yes… print magazines and books. Today my  Sunday Washington Post – yes I read a paper newspaper –included a new “ Weekly TV Guide.”  I thought they eliminated the TV Guide over 10 years ago.

And then… there was in this year’s survey responses  I discovered a plea to slow the relentless elimination of print.  “Stop eliminating print treatises that lawyers want to read the old-fashioned way. Enough of the architects and finance people driving this: Our associates want print copies of the best books, and research shows that full absorption of knowledge is best achieved when reading print media.”

While every firm is at a different stage of migration from print to digital some firms may have reached the bone – there is no more to cut. Other firms will continue to eliminate print – but perhaps print will stabilize. There will be a core set of resources that will be deemed by firms and practices as necessary and worth the cost and the overhead.

Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) that you STOPPED in 2016 or plan to STOP in 2017?

  • ·       We stopped buying about 50% more of our print collection.
  • ·       We stopped using ref tracker as we found it no longer worked for us and are looking at other ways to track reference requests.
  • ·       KF call numbers
  • ·       Posting upcoming training sessions on our SharePoint page (No one ever read them.)
  • ·       We stopped creating a separate "classes with online materials" page on the law school website
  • ·       Since we have reduced our collection, we no longer have a need to outsource our filing.
  • ·       No longer keeping any ABA periodicals in print
  • ·       Retired our legacy news delivery home-grown service.
  • ·       Research team to focus on complex research. All Document retrieval  to be handled by paraprofessional team
  • ·       Stopped daily review of new cases files.
  • ·       Stopped doing new client intake research for new business department.

Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) that you STARTED in 2016

·       We began analyzing usage of Courthouse News and its effectiveness in acquiring new business.

  • ·       Improved data tracking of invoices to better see practice group allocation of resources.
  • ·       Started tracking filing time/budget by title to target high maintenance print resources.
  • ·       Started to revamp desk book distribution methods in effort to turn some titles digital.
  • ·       Expanded the content and number of Lexis Advance Resource Centers (eLibraries)
  • ·       More streamlined accounting
  • ·       We added several more custom curated newsletters for practice groups
  • ·        Switched news aggregation platform.
  • ·       Systematic procedures to "market" the library's services using "triggers" such as a new client, lawyer promotion.
  • ·       We started getting in front of attorneys more.  Our plan is to do a ton of travel in 2017.
  • ·       Replacing Manzama with  EOS
  • ·       We've started including the clinic in our technology lectures
  • ·       Enhanced data Collection
  • ·       Supporting legal project manager
  • ·       Competitive Intelligence team moved from marketing to Research and Knowledge team.
  • ·       Litigation History Checklist Legal Research Competencies Self-Assessment Tool (based on AALL competencies)

Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) you plan to START in 2017

  • ·       Legal Research Platform RFP  eLearning Modules
  • ·       Adding a 4-question survey to responses to requests, encouraging customers to comment on our service.
  • ·       We are looking into KM and the also how to possibly apply AI to our practices.
  • ·       Re-vamp the intranet and increase the library's offerings of practice-group specific resource links and suggested research starting points.
  • ·       Creating an internal knowledge repository for the library.
  • ·       Writing procedure and policy manuals and cross training staff.
  • ·       We are starting to drive use to specific online resources over print on a practice group  basis
  • ·       Improve real-time client pages using Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center
  • ·       Knowledge platform revamp.
  • ·       Focus will be on a number of knowledge management tools that bring efficiency to the practice.
  • ·       Launch a new firm Intranet. 
  • ·       Launch SmartTasks
  • ·        Launch LexisNewDesk and BNA Convergence dashboards
  • ·       Relaunch a newly envisioned Knowledge services bulletin
  • ·       Move off of CNS dockets to Bloomberg Enterprise dockets/Westlaw Dockets.
  • ·       Install Research Hub
  • ·       We plan to start including the incubatees in our technology lectures
  • ·       Redesign our library's Intranet page
  • ·       Space planning
  • ·       Reboot KM
  • ·       Migrate from RefTraker to Quest
  • ·       Making more presentations to practice groups and surveying the attorneys to find out what they use the most and what they would like to learn.
  •        GeniePlus [Lucidea product] library management system. Upgrading from Inmagic DBTextWorks.
  • ·       All document retrieval shifted away from research specialists and sent to  document retrieval team in low cost center.