Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wolters Kluwer On a Roll: Announces New Cybersecurity & Privacy Suite, Enhanced Arbitration Platfiorm and ktMine IP Alliance

The Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US product development teams have been busy.  In recent months they have announced a reboot of their International Arbitration product, launched a Cybersecurity product and entered into an alliance enabling them to offer KTMine. IP analytics through the Cheetah platform.

 Cyber security
Wolters Kluwer has taken on one of the hottest topics in law and policy with the launch of a new Cybersecurity and Privacy Law Suite. The product tracks regulatory developments and provides  a comprehensive overview of the global regulatory landscape. 

The new cyber security product offers access to international, federal and state laws and regulations.  The product is built on the Cheetah research platform.   The very popular "Smart charts"  allow lawyers to compare jurisdictional requirements and include expert commentary and  procedural "know how." The Breach Notification Smart Chart is one of the most popular components of the product. International law comparison charts cover 66 countries enabling  lawyers to select and  compare the laws of multiple countries. "Useful links" provide direct access to important government agency websites. The Cybersecurity Policy Report a weekly newsletter tracks emerging policy developments.  Expert guidance is available from 14 treatises and newsletters. Later this month  they will be adding medical privacy statutes.

Wolters Kluwer's International Arbitration product is the leading international arbitration product. It was first published as a cd-rom in 1998 and was launched as a digital product in 2003. After 14 years it was due for a makeover.  Last week the publisher announced the launch of a re-designed platform. The new design relied heavily on user feedback to improve user experience and to streamline the research process.

Search enhancements include:
  • Pre- and post_ search filters
  • Just did search terms
  • Boolean enhanced with a flexible "near" command
  •  Results display with filter categories
  •  Search across multiple treatises
  • Footnotes can be viewed as a "pop up" rather than an endnote
Wolters Kluwer's International Arbitration
The arbitration content has benefited from the publishers recent implementation of a comprehensive content management system which enhances publisher's ability to draw connections between a variety of content sets.

KTMine Apps

KTMine Wolters Kluwer also announced a new alliance with KT mine A provider of unique IP analytics. KT mine subscribers can now access the KTMine intellectual property analytics and documents on the Wolters Kluwer IP platform.

KTMine includes four apps:
  • Research
  •  Profiles of Companies
  • Connectors
  • Commercialization
The product enables a researcher to locate companies associated with specific technologies. Content includes, analytics ,royalty rates, licensees, SIC codes and links to full licensing agreements as well as recent IP news related to each company.

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